5. Provide training, advice, advice and all related services in all areas of information technology, including computer hardware and software, data communications, telecommunications, manufacturing and process control and automation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and research and development, excellence and leadership and computer science, modern mathematics, Vedic methodology, Vedantic and universal and universal philosophy and promote the premises of eternal value and ensure such research and development, including the organization and participation in seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and others, as well as the acquisition of technical know-how, literature, brochures, technical data, etc. 4. 2. exchange, sell or otherwise deal in computer equipment, computer systems and assembly of data processors, design programs and buy, sell or otherwise trade such hardware and software packages and all types of tabular equipment, accounting machines, calculators, computerized telecommunications systems and networks, of their components, spare parts, equipment and devices, and to carry out the activity of establishment, operation and management Institutions, schools and academics to provide training in computer technology, provide equipment, solutions and services for the management of networks and networks, the management of data centers and in the provision of consulting services in all the above areas. 2. 4. Provide training, skills development, manual positioning, advice, advice and all related services in all areas of wood processing, wood industry, wood forming, carving and provide such research and development, including conducting and participating in seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and others, and provide all services required by clients in relation to the above elements. 4. Continue to provide outsourcing services for all processes, sub-processes, transactions, activities and all other work of companies of various industries in India and the world. This includes processes or sub-processes made possible by information technology. This also includes date, voice or video capture and processing, call center services including inbound and outbound calls of all kinds, technical support, managed data center, managed technical center, training center, web support back office, business or financial analysis, scientific analysis, research and analysis, storage, disaster recovery, accounting, payroll, inventory management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and software development, provision of consulting, software solutions and services normally offered by outsourcing and information technology service providers, software development companies and application service providers. 1.

Lend and advance money or grant credit on any terms or by any means whatsoever and with or without guarantee to natural companies, companies or other organizations, and conclude guarantees, indemnities and guarantee contracts of any kind, receive money on deposits or loans on any conditions, in any manner and on any condition whatsoever, to the payment of any sum of money or the performance of any obligation of any Person, company or company on such terms as the company deems appropriate. 2. Consulting services and services in the field of software development, software export, information and data processing, computer systems, communication, operational research and technical services, including commercial exploitation, export, import and to act as a reseller, authorized representatives thereof. send personnel to design and develop software in India and abroad, open technology parks in India and abroad and conduct research and development, promote excellence and leadership in computer science, modern mathematics and ensure such research and development, including the organization of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and others, and participate in it, and acquire technical know-how, literature, brochures, technical data, etc. 2. Receive money in the form of fixed, recurring and savings deposits from members of the Company only to the extent permitted by law, and the Company will conduct its business in accordance with the rules prescribed for Nidhi/Mutual Benefit Company. However, the Company does not operate a current account or carry on banking activities within the meaning of the Banking Regulation Act 1949 and does not engage in chit fund activities. The Company will also not engage in stock and bond trading, insurance and hire purchase activities. Carry out the activity or vocation to act as a consultant and consultant in all questions and problems related to the technical, civil, administrative, financial and organization, management, start-up or expansion of industry, purchasing techniques and business (including the construction of factories and buildings) production, purchasing, sales, material and cost control marketing, advertising, personnel, export and import to and for institutions, companies, companies, associations (registered or not), government ministries and departments, public or local authorities, trusts, scientific research and development centers and as technical, financial, industrial administrations, civil advisors. Below, we have given examples of main objectives for a technical, legal, financial and management consulting firm to draft the articles of association at the time of registration of the new company. You can also use them to edit your existing articles of association for a company that deals with consulting firms.

3. act as an adviser or consultant to an undertaking, company, association or other company and, in general, act as a consultant or consultant and participate in the supervision or control of the management of the affairs or operations of any person, undertaking, company, association or other company and, if necessary, appoint and remunerate the offices of the Company for such purpose or for this purpose, Accountants or other experts or agents. Provide all types of legal services, including, but not limited to, drafting contracts, letters of intent, leases or other contractual, contractual or other commercial and legal documents, and act as a consultant and advisor in all legal matters to all business entities, whether limited liability companies, limited liability companies, government companies, partnerships or other legal entities in India or abroad.