1. Deed of the articles of association of the company in accordance with the corresponding legal representative (power of attorney, board of directors, articles of association or contract). Choosing a good business name that is free to register will help your business act quickly in the business start-up process. Companies operating in Bolivia must obtain a tax identification number (NIT) and report all financial transactions to determine the taxes they must pay. For a company to make a leap in quality, it must act in accordance with Bolivia`s current regulations in order to be legally recognized and have a legal framework that represents it in Bolivia`s highest institutions. The main objective is to increase the level of savings in the country, according to the current law, all companies are obliged to register with AFPs. Two AFPs are currently in force. (BBVA PREVISIÓN AFP S.A. and FUTURO DE BOLIVIA S.A. AFP) Here are the requirements for each of them. And in Bolivia, this type of business takes the following forms: A good accounting consultation in Santa Cruz – Bolivia will help you save a lot of money and especially financial problems in your business, because it is a fundamental part of the business to know what is the state of your business in order to have better security, what decision should be made in the future. I recently wrote an article on how to choose an accounting consultant, which you can see here Tags: Bolivia | Investments in Bolivia | LATAM | Latin America | Business Bolivia | Business Compliance Requirements Developing human potential in your organization will help you grow as a business, investing in the development of your staff will help keep the best people in your business, your business will have a higher level of quality and you will also be more competitive. So far, I come to my article about setting up a business in Bolivia in 2022, because you see that commitment requires commitment and a lot of commitment, I hope you were able to dispel your doubts and all the questions come here.

Deposit of 80 Bs to account number: · 501-5034475-3-17 of the Banco de Crédito de Bolivia (check account) in force in the country. · The employer and / or company registered in the above register must follow the visa procedure for quarterly pay slips of wages and salaries INSTITUTION WHERE IT IS PROCESSED · Directorate-General for Labour and Directorates · Departmental labour unit or other name · ZEIT departmental or regional work centre · 3 days Web address: www.mintrabajo.gob.bo Similarly, it is the company and not the owner (you) who assumes legal responsibility. These are all artisans, retailers whose capital does not exceed 60,000 bolivianos. Here it is very important that you manage to work at this stage, because this is where the business goals of the company are set. This guide I`ve prepared will help you know what the process is, what documents you need, and what steps you legally need. At Biz Latin Hub, our team of multilingual legal and accounting experts have all the knowledge, experience and skills you need to help you comply with Colombian tax regulations and optimize your income. Basically, a person in Bolivia can form two types of businesses: having a website is no longer a luxury or something that only large companies have, it is already a necessity, because somehow customers always search for the services of your city online, not always social networks help you find what you are looking for. Regulations to control illegal or unauthorized financial activities that you must submit: 1.

Original or certified copies of the Constitution and power of attorney Legal representative 2. The form created with the reservation of the name or company name, signed by the legal representative When a company is employed, it must register with the Ministry of Labour, the Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) and the Public Health Insurance. In addition, the contributions established by the labor legislation of Bolivia are calculated from the salary of each employee as follows: 2. Electricity consumption bills that verify the electricity meter number of the legal representative, tax residence and sectors of activity.