Kevin Trout President and CEO, Grandview Insights, LLC Brittany Hofmeister Founder and Owner, Companion Care Home Care “I was in a very difficult position at the end of 2019 in terms of legal issues that were not anticipated. I reached out to a contact at Lynch Law Group and they were fantastic from start to finish!! My situation has caused me a lot of stress and without Dave Weber and Mark Sullivan to help me through the rough waters, I don`t know how I would have managed to solve my legal problems. I highly recommend them for all your legal questions, and I know they will serve you and your business well. “Lynch Law Group (LLG) has done a solid job in providing PLSG with quality legal advice at an affordable cost. We have a variety of legal issues that we need to deal with on a regular basis, including convertible bonds, intellectual property analysis, and various contractual requirements. But we also had very sensitive legal issues to deal with, including contractual disputes related to international law, and the LLG grew stronger and successful at every opportunity. I highly recommend them to all small and large companies looking for a high-quality, reliable and honest legal partner. Pete DeComo President and CEO, ALung Technologies, Inc. “Dan and his team handle all intellectual property matters. He and his talented team of lawyers have done a great job for us and the firm offers a very attractive and cost-effective fee structure compared to large law firms.

Dan brings a high level of legal and business expertise to help technology companies achieve their business goals. ALung joined Lynch Law Group about three years ago, which not only reduced our intellectual property management legal fees, but also provided us with a more personalized service. Read the following testimonials to find out what former clients had to say about Mr. Lynch`s work in their case: “Dan negotiated the sale of my business. I was very satisfied with the process and its service. I believe Dan`s advice and expertise has allowed me to achieve maximum value for my business. He has an incredible talent for building relationships not only with his clients, but also with opposing parties, which I found not only helpful, but very impressive. He always delivered a service that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dan`s services! Daniel Frankel, General Manager Erin Frankel, Vice President Everyone likes to have fun I want to sincerely thank you for your excellent way of presenting.

Your generosity, spirit and willingness to go further are attributed to a successful day in court. Your caring commitment is essential to representing clients in the nature you do, and I just want you to know that you`re doing a great job. Thank you very much for doing an excellent job. “Mr. Lynch took my case to court. The prosecution had to drop the charges of insufficient evidence before the end of the trial. Mr. Lynch was great. He did everything I wanted and expected. He asked the right questions, got the right answers, and got the right people in the loop. “He quickly appeared in court. He made sure everything was complete and final.

He was able to reduce my ticket and save my driver`s license points. Beyond these bases, he went the extra mile. John Manzetti President and CEO, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Founder and Managing Director, PLSG Accelerator Fund “I have been a client of The Lynch Law Group LLC for several years. The owner cares a lot about his guests. All the staff is nice and accommodating. They are very meticulous and respond quickly to customer needs. You can tell that they are passionate about helping their customers. They have given me so much security thanks to their professionalism, responsiveness and dedication to my businesses. Thank you for everything you do! “You moved mountains for us. We will be eternally grateful. Thank you for your efforts during this process! It`s great to have Lynch Law Group on our side.

“I am very pleased with the performance of obtaining the design patent, and I firmly believe that it protects my design from simply being copied by others. Thank you for helping me get to this point! “Dan understands seed and start-up agreements. He understands the urgency of the tech startup world. He responds very well to the needs of his clients and provides efficient and cost-effective first-class legal services. Such testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction as to the outcome of your legal matter. No financial consideration was offered or provided in exchange for such certificates or endorsements. We believe there is no better way to learn more about our services and approach to customer relations than to hear directly from the people who have worked with us. We invite you to browse our clients` testimonials and recommendations to see what others are saying about Lynch Law Group and, if you need a lawyer, contact us today for confidential advice. “Dan`s approach to solving legal and business problems is unlike any other lawyer I`ve worked with.

He is a smart, business-oriented lawyer who fully understands his clients` goals and provides them with strategic advice to help them achieve their goals. Rick Newton President and Founder, Newton Consulting.